Model Liverpool HOUSE II.jpg

A Liverpool Pavilion

Lurking inside a semi-derelict former first class lounge on platform 2 of Warrington Bank Quay train station is an exhibition of boss artists, born and bred in the Liverpool city region, like.

Dave Evans
James Unsworth
Joe Fletcher Orr
Kevin Hunt
Nicki McCubbing
Peter Martin

SCOUSE HOUSE Volume II – A Liverpool Pavilion is presented as part of NORTH and curated by MODEL


SCOUSE HOUSE is an ongoing exhibition based platform aiming to increase awareness nationally and internationally of artistic practice indigenous to Liverpool, provide important advocacy for this production and collectively garner essential criticality around such production happening in the city.
Volume I of SCOUSE HOUSE was presented at SYSON Gallery in Nottingham in July earlier this year.

MODEL is a flexible, experimental and research based platform for artist-led activity in Liverpool co-directed by artists Frances Disley and Kevin Hunt, presenting exhibitions, ideas and dialogue around the sustainability of artist practice in Liverpool and the future of artist-led activity in the city.